Mission & Promise

Driving personal growth

My mission is to awaken untapped or unrealized potential in others. I help leaders grow and make their business enterprises more successful while enhancing their lives and those of all their stakeholders — employees, families, vendors, customers and communities.


How I Can Help You

With a passion for working with entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners, I can help you become a more effective leader and grow your successful organization. As a Vistage Private Advisory Board Chair, I work with groups of CEOs, executives and business leaders and their Emerging Leaders in the LA area and on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. As a business psychologist and through my consulting firm, Win-Win Workplace Solutions, I help organizations achieve their next level of success by tackling obstacles to complex change and resolving people problems.


Hear what my clients have to say!

“Gail encouraged me to take risks that I would not normally have done, including spending the money to hire more talent.”

Austin Katz, President & Partner, CR Creative Services austin katz cr creative services lp

“Gail, helped us find the right person to lead the (Imperial Pipe) turn-around, and for us to focus our strategic efforts in the bigger picture of things.”

Sherwood H. Egbert, Vice President, Shapco, Inc. sherwood egbert shapco inc

“Gail is such a valuable resource. She opened my eyes to things that I don’t see which are right in front of me.”

Sheila Scoville, Founder, President, Omni Therapy Inc. sheila scoville omni therapy

“Gail has this unique ability to help you come to your own conclusions, she’s not afraid to let you feel a little uncomfortable.”

Lori Gangemi, CEO, AbilityFirst lori gangemi ability first

“Gail has some hidden talents. She gets the psychology behind entrepreneurs and their struggles.”

Inna Tuler, CEO, Maintco Corp. inna tuler maintcocorp

“Gail has the skill to be able to see through a lot of complexity and issues to release problems and help you identify them. She’s not telling you what they are.”

Fadi Rassam, CEO, Citadel CPM fadi rassam citadel cpm inc

“Gail is friendly, methodical, professional - and her depth of knowledge from her consulting career and experiences really allows her to guide the group efficiently.”

Amer Kuric, CSO, Maker Learning Network amer kuric ilead schools

“Gail is more than just a good communicator, she’s a coach. I find myself comparing her to what I imagine might be the coaching experience of a professional athlete.”

David Revel, President, TechMDinc dave revel tech md inc

“Gail is extremely supportive, and has the best interest of every member of the organization in mind.”

Mike Wagner, CEO, Lite Gear Inc. mike wagner litegear inc

“Gail definitely does a great job of canvassing the group and lets us weigh in so we can choose our own adventure!”

Scott Anderson, CEO, Pankow Builders scott anderson pankow

“I always tease Gail that I am one of her biggest spokespersons because I’m constantly telling my network how valuable the program is.”

Shanna Warren, CEO, Boys and Girls Club of Burbank shanna warren boys and girls club burbank

"Gail's background in psychology and healthcare, and her experience working with so many business execs gives her a unique place to provide guidance."

Risa Goldman Luksa, Founder/President, Goldman Marketing Group risa luksa goldman marketing group



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