Gail Schaper-Gordon, PH.D.

Combining Her Skills as a Respected Business Psychologist and an Experienced Business Owner, Gail Knows How to Work With Sensitive and Complex Situations in the Workplace.


From years of experience

When you are a business leader, you are not exempt from “life happening”.  It requires resilience and emotional regulation to be able to continue running your company while also facing personal challenges.

Employees don’t leave their issues or emotions at the door when they come to work.  Dealing with difficult people, conflicts and people with mental health issues are part of a leader’s job description.

Being a strong and calm leader during crisis or chaos is required to be successful and is a conscious choice.

Gail Schaper-Gordon, Ph.D.


[ biz-nis sahy-kol-uh-jee ]

The study and practice of improving working life in individuals. It combines an understanding of the science of human behavior with the responsibilities of work to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and organizations.

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Coaching executives and leadership teams to resolve workplace issues.

From strategic planning to change management, I can help you resolve organizational and personal issues. Set up an appointment today so that we can determine the best opportunity for you to make the changes you need to make in order to succeed.

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