Christine Moore, the Owner of Little Flower Bakery, Discusses How to Create a Life You Love.

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From the Corner Office interviewer, Jackie Kibler speaks with Christine Moore about how creating the life you love often takes big leaps of faith, a great deal of courage, determination and belief in yourself.

Creating the life you love for yourself involves putting yourself out there. It requires an assertiveness to introduce yourself and talk to people to ask for what you want. It also requires having a strong faith in yourself and not being afraid to take big leaps to achieve your dreams.

When cutting out a career plan for yourself sometimes it’s better to not know the whole plan, because if you did, it might stop you from taking that big leap. Once you take the leap, you find ways to manage and survive, but if you knew what was in front of you, you might allow fear of the unknown to stop you in your tracks.

Taking these big leaps of faith takes a great deal of courage, determination, and faith in yourself, but often leads to a successful and happy life of your choosing. From there you can continue to build on each little success to move forward in achieving more than you might have ever dreamed. 

For some people, school is not for them so finding that path that works for you can be challenging. For Christine, she landed in the restaurant business to survive, but then fell in love with it. The people were wonderful, the work was exceptional, and having always loved to cook, she felt this was where she belonged. Learning the industry from the family that owned the Green Street restaurant in Pasadena, Christine not only learned the business side of things from the inside out, but also how to cook, which further encouraged her to pursue a path in the food industry.

In her twenties, a life-changing experience taught her that if we don’t live the life we really want to live or do the things we really want to do, we might not be able to. So at that point, she decided that she was not going to let fear hold her back from living the life she wanted to live. Hence, she spent some time in France honing her craft as a pastry chef, learning what she was made of, and came back to Los Angeles and started a family. To stay busy, she started making caramels, and 20 years later has a big business selling to hundreds of stores across the country as well as opening a couple of restaurants.

Through her experiences, through her drive to explore and learn, and through the mentors that taught her what was really possible in life, she followed through on creating a life she loved that combined a happy balance between family and career. This balance is reflected in the environments she creates in her restaurants that support the family as well.

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Christine Moore
Little Flower Bakery

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