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Ara Aslanian discusses the importance of having strong passion and drive, or “grit” to succeed in a field where you are required to keep up with the challenges of rapidly changing technology.

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From the Corner Office interviewer Don Burdge speaks with Ara Aslanian about how having passion, drive, grit, knowledge, and staying two steps ahead of the game are extremely important in being successful in the field of technology.

From IT needs, to web and application development, e-commerce solutions, and cyber protection, Inverselogic Inc. strives to meet all their client’s needs by being way ahead of the curve as technology and client needs evolve.

Inverselogic is a managed service provider and technology integrator. In other words, they are your company’s technology help desk or IT department. For a lot of their clients, they are their primary IT dept., setting up their network, setting up their servers, their security and infrastructure. For many clients they are their supplemental IT for the bigger tasks a company’s primary IT dept. might not have the time or expertise to do. Most of their clients are small to midsize companies that either don’t have an IT department, or don’t have the resources to have a full time IT department on site.

The company also has another division that does web development, application development, e-commerce solutions, and helps clients solve business problems when it comes to technology, software and tools for them. As technology changed and client’s needs grew, there was a bigger demand for other services an IT company didn’t fill, so the secondary division was created.

In addition to this, due to the huge increase of ransomware, and cyber security breaches and huge data losses Ara added a new start-up to the mix to offer insurance or data protection to companies should the unthinkable happen. One of the challenges of growing this business is that technology changes at such a rapid pace. Businesses need to find employees that are up to this challenge, can adapt and learn at a fast pace, be quick problem solvers, but also have hands-on “life” experience and be personable.

Having one on one, face to face interactions is what helps set Inverselogic apart from their competitors because there is a more personal touch and they walk the clients through the issues rather than just being someone on the other side of a computer or phone. The most important piece of advice that Ara would give to an entrepreneur starting a company is to have passion. Due to the nature of the business and sensitive information, clients imbue a lot of trust in you, so passion, drive, grit, knowledge, staying two steps ahead of the game are extremely important in being successful in the field of technology.

interview with:
Ara Aslanian
Co-Founder & CEO

From the Corner Office - CEO Success Stories

Produced by Gail Schaper-Gordon
Interview by Don Burdge



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