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The challenges of publishing, media and advertising in a digitally evolving market with Anna Magzanyan, CEO of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

CEO Success Stories

From the Corner Office interviewer, Jackie Kibler speaks with Anna Magzanyan, CEO of the Los Angeles Business Journal on her challenging career journey as a publisher in a digitally shifting market.

From branding at Initiative Media, to publishing at the LA Times, to CEO of the Los Angeles Business Journal, Anna Magzanyan has carved out a career path for herself as diverse as she is.

To push ideas further beyond the status quo to make them better, more engaging, and bring more value to sponsors and clients Anna Magzanyan suggests bouncing ideas off of people that complement each other with different skill sets and who work well as a team. Doing the research and knowing how a particular industry works can make or break “brilliant” new ideas.

To be successful in media and publishing, understanding journalism and content is extremely important, but understanding digital, programming, keywords and how to get content out to people is just as key. You need to do it in an efficient and intelligent way and write headlines that really capture and appeal to your audience. Sometimes taking on roles that are outside of your comfort zone can teach you a lot about a business and help you to grow with the company.

A strong staff is like pieces of a puzzle that fit together and complement each other. Each brings something unique to the table. A successful team is just as much about personality traits as it is skills and accomplishments.

episode 7 – interview with
Anna Magzanyan
Los Angeles Business Journal

From the Corner Office - CEO Success Stories

Produced by Gail Schaper-Gordon, Ph.D.
Interview by Jackie Kibler



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