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Marty Stevens-Heebner, CEO of Clear Homes Solutions, discusses re-imagining your Business Structure in the Age of COVID.

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From the Corner Office interviewer, Jackie Kibler and producer Gail Schaper-Gorden speak with Marty Stevens-Heebner, CEO of Clear Homes Solutions about how igniting your imagination to get to the core of what is really important can help keep your business afloat during the age of Covid.

Streamlining and delegating tasks can allow you to ignite your imagination to open up new possibilities for pursuing previously set aside goals to grow your business.

From the Corner Office host Jackie Kibler and show producer Gail Schaper-Gorden speak with Marty Stevens-Heebner, CEO of Clear Homes Solutions, about re-imagining your business structure in the age of Covid. Clear Homes Solutions is an organization that works with older adults and their families in a time when they may be transitioning their way of living. The idea for the company came about when Marty realized there was a niche to be filled to help the “Designated Adult” of an aging parent or family member faced with the decisions that come along with finding the healthiest and safest way for that person to live comfortably. CHS helps to manage the moves compassionately, recognizing the emotional attachment tied to a lifetime’s worth of possessions. This requires staff with not only great organizational skills, but strong compassion, listening skills and understanding of the emotions tied to a person’s possessions.

At times, the company deals with hoarding situations. Hoarding is an officially recognized disorder, so reassurance is key to working with a client or loved ones in a home of this sort. Recognizing differences in thinking and what works best for each individual helps in getting through the process. Sometimes a therapist is needed, depending on the severity of the disorder. Clear Homes Solutions is one of the few companies nationwide that offers professional home inventories, to help with property disputes that may arise later.

During the era of Covid, Marty found she needed to ignite her imagination to get to the core of what was important to keep the business afloat. Using some of the guidelines and principles of the EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) helped keep her accountable to these core goals. Because the work is so intimate and emotional and involves being in the homes with people, some rethinking was needed. Offering services virtually was one way to do this. Clear Homes Solutions was one of the first in Southern California to implement a formal Covd-19 policy, as keeping the clients and the staff safe was the first order of priority.

Having extra time enabled Marty to go after some goals that were set aside for years. One was to create an app called “Later Life Living”, which is a vetted Angie’s List for Later in Life. Many people dealing with these complexities have no idea who to turn to. The app helps people to learn about the services available and find a list of vetted professionals with proper licensing, training, and years of experience that the client can trust. Additionally, another of  Marty’s goals was to create a podcast called “How to Move Your Mom, and Still be on Speaking Terms Afterwards.” In her podcast she speaks with professionals, as well as clients, to share their own experiences. Both ventures are passion projects that help her business to grow, while offering much needed information and resources to people in need of her services. By streamlining and delegating tasks, Marty found that goals she previously didn’t have time for could be realized. Becoming an entrepreneur can be super frustrating and more work than you imagined, but in the long run, with due diligence, very fulfilling.

interview with:
Marty Stevens-Heebner
Co-Founder & CEO
Clear Home Solutions

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Produced by Gail Schaper-Gordon
Interview by Jackie Kibler



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